Experience & Expertise
Our local staff has been involved in the development of the Ukrainian healthcare system for
almost 20 years. This enables us not only to provide modern medical equipment but also share
information with our customers on a wider level. NZ Techno is organising a number of
conferences every year, inviting specialists in the field of neonatology from all over the world.

Demo Units
Our long term customer relation strategy includes detailed information about our product
range and the possibility to experience the product of interest on site - before the purchase
decision has been made.

Reference Hospitals
Depending on the product of interest we can provide you with a list of reference hospitals
where you can see how the equipment works in the respective environment.

Installation & Training

Certified Technicians
Our certified engineers ensure highest technical expertise and quick response time.

On Site Training
After installation of the equipment we will ensure that al people that will handle the
equipment are well trained.

Guarantee & Post Guarantee

Our service does not stop with the any guarantee period. We have proven in the past that
we will handle your guerantee request even when the period is expired.