Siesta i TS Anesthesia Machine

Siesta i TS brings to healthcare one of the most innovative anesthesia machines on the market. Through listening to hospital staff, co-operation with software developers and applying our own broad expertise, we have come up with an anesthesia machine to satisfy all needs.

  • --> Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • --> 15" TFT colour touch screen equipped with the latest microprocessor and software
  •       technology for easy setting and monitoring of the gas mixer,
  •       ventilator and multigas analyser
  • --> Eight ventilation modes including Pressure Support Ventilation(PSV), Pressure Regulated
  •       Volume Target (PRVT) and Volume Support Ventilation (VSV)
  • --> Neonatal ventilation-tidal volume down to 10ml in PRVT mode
  • --> Heart-Lung Machine mode (HLM)
  • --> SmartLog-an electronic patient progress recorder
  • --> An anesthetic agent measuring device, including printout of gas usage
  • --> Integrated breathing system (patient system), incorporating the bag-in-bottle,
  •       absorber and patient circuit, with only two tubing connections between the
  •       breathing system and the patient
  • --> Suitable for low and minimal flow
  • --> High-level safety features
  • --> Slim, ergonomic and hygienic space-saving design
  • --> Long lifetime at low total cost of ownership
  • --> Many options available for customised solutions