Pulse Oximetry & Regional Oximetry

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Nonin Palm Sat 2500
Nonin Medical Brand

Pulse Oximeter Palm Sat 2500
Durable handheld solution with various optional features. Best in class accuracy.


Nonin 7500 Table Top
Nonin Medical Brand

Pulse Oximeter 7500 Tabletop
7500's simple functionality, minimum 16-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge, and minimum or 70 hours of memory makes it well-suited for a variety of clinical and homecare applications.

Nonin Pulse Oximeter Avant® 9700 Tabletop
Nonin Medical Brand

Pulse Oximeter Avant® 9700 Tabletop
The plethysmographic waveform alters color as a real-time reflection of the patient's pulse signal quality — alerting you to patient changes. The high-resolution color display compliments the signal quality indicators and LED values.

SenSmart X-100
SenSmart100X Medical Brand

SenSmart X-100
The SenSmart System provides a side-by-side view of rSO2, SpO2, and pulse rate values for real-time decision making. You now have the opportunity to explore what a gradient between rSO2 and SpO2 might tell you.   more...